Reading Workshop

23rd October 2023, 1.30-3pm

Reading Workshop

Online for professionals

This workshop is organised and run by 21 Plus. The reading workshop is suitable for all staff involved in teaching and supporting pupils with Down syndrome in both mainstream and special educational settings at primary and secondary stages. It is relevant to speech therapists, educational psychologists and other professionals involved in planning and managing input to schools.

The workshop will be delivered online, in two separate sessions, one for beginner readers and one for those that are developing their reading skills. The workshop will last for approximately one hour, with 30 minutes for questions.

Our speakers are from from 21 Plus. Nicky Williams and Victoria Hughes will lead the sessions. Nicky and Victoria run the 21 Plus school support service as well as running the Talk Time and Talk About groups.

There is no fee to attend this workshop due to some funding we have received.


These workshops will cover:

  • Why reading is so important

  • Pre-reading activities

  • Is my child ready to read

  • How to teach reading – a step by step guide

  • Continuing to read

  • Comprehension
  • Questions