Sport and Speech Camps

Sport and Speech Camps

The Annual Sport and Speech Camp offers intensive, specialist speech and language input from Symbol UK combined with a range of sporting activities to school aged children with Down’s Syndrome.

Sport is used as a basis for the camp as there are many positive aspects to being involved with a physical activity as well as giving our children the opportunity to access a range of sports that they would have limited opportunities to experience. We use specially trained coaches from the Welsh Rugby Union and Gymnastics Wales to name but a few.

We also add in occupational therapy with a very particular focus on sensory processing disorder – this is a very poorly understood issue for many of our children and often leads to them being misdiagnosed with autism which further limits their outlook in life. Again, this is a highly specialist field and our therapists have to be bought in from Whole Child Therapy in London to provide the service.

All the children are given a report from the therapists at the end of the week which can be taken away and shared with their Schools and Local Speech and Language Providers involved in their care.

All families are given information about local sport clubs who are inclusive. Two of the children who attended previous camps have since gone on to undertake some preliminary training as sport coaches/ambassadors.

We also deliver communication training to coaches in order to improve access to sport for children with Down’s Syndrome in South Wales.