What We Do

Talk Time

Talk Time is a speech, language and communication group for children with Down’s syndrome. It is run by our expert “Symbol” trained co-workers, who provide a very specialist speech and language session tailored to the learning profile of a child with Down’s syndrome. Sessions run on a weekly basis throughout term time for children aged 6 months to 11 years.

Talk About

Talk About is a youth group for young people with Down’s syndrome aged from 11-19. These sessions currently run fortnightly. During these sessions there is an hour of communication-focused activities, run by our “Symbol” trained co-workers. This circle group model follows on from the speech and language groups for younger children.

Sport and Speech Camps

The Annual Sport and Speech Camp offers intensive, specialist speech and language input from Symbol UK combined with a range of sporting activities to school aged children with Down’s syndrome.

Residential Camps

Following a hugely successful pilot project in 2019 the Residential Camp for our young people, aged 12 – 20, will become an annual event. The camp offered intensive, specialist speech and language input from Symbol UK combined with a range of activities, including sports and drama, and the opportunity for our young people to spend time away from home in a safe environment.

School Support Service

Our school support team can support both primary and secondary schools to include pupils with Down’s syndrome effectively in school life and learning; our team have experience of supporting children in a variety of settings and with a variety of challenges. The service can offer observations of pupils and provide recommendations and a report. Whole school ‘twilight’ sessions, teaching assistant sessions, follow-up reviews and remote support are also available.


21 Plus provide local, accessible training for parents, carers and professionals.