Sensory Processing Workshop – May 2016

6th May 2016, 10:00 - 17:00

Sensory Processing Workshop

Llanover Village Hall, Llanover NP7 9HB

This workshop will be delivered by The Whole Child Therapy Group based in London and is an introduction to sensory processing and how these issues impact on a child. This is a dynamic workshop that discusses and explores the experiences for a child with sensory processing difficulties. Providing insight into signs of sensory difficulties and beginning the discussion of providing a supportive environment at school.

This workshop is aimed at parents, carers, teachers, support staff and clinicians who are looking to understand how sensory processing disorders can effect so many of the children they know and work with.

Those attending the workshop will gain insight into how issues around sensory processing can make everyday functions difficult for children and start to explore ways to reduce the impact of these difficulties.

Learning outcomes:

  • To understand sensory processing and the impact on daily life
  • To understand the impact of sensory processing difficulties on learning
  • To provide a sensory lens to behaviour and engagement


For professionals: £40

For family members of children with Down’s Syndrome: £10


10:00 – Arrival and Registration

10:15 – Session 1

11:00 – Break

11:20 – Session 2

12:45 – Lunch

13:30 – Session 3

15:00 – Break

15:20 – Session 4 and Questions

17:00 – Finish